• More Kids Are Attempting and Thinking About Suicide, According to a New Study

    8 monthes ago - By Time

    The number of kids hospitalized for thinking about or attempting suicide doubled in less than a decade, according to a study published Wednesday in Pediatrics .
    In 2008, 0.66% of all U.S. children's hospital visits were due to either suicide attempts or suicidal thoughts, also known as suicide ideation. By 2015, according to the study, that number had jumped to 1.82%, with rates rising across age groups and demographics.
    The largest increases were seen among adolescents between two age groups - 15 and 17, and 12 and 14 - according to the study. Increases were also higher among girls than...
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  • Big Rise in U.S. Kids, Teens Attempting Suicide

    8 monthes ago - By Web MD

    Suicide is now the third leading cause of death among American adolescents, the study authors noted.
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