• Diagnosis of Overweight or Obese Malnutrition spells DOOM for hip fracture patients; a prospective audit

    9 days ago - By Clinical Nutrition

    Crude diagnostic parameters such as BMI limit recognition of malnutrition in overweight and obese patients. This study applied a robust malnutrition diagnostic measure to investigate whether malnutrition impacts clinical outcomes in overweight or obese hip fracture inpatients.
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  • Does muscle improve validated outcome measures in open tibial fractures? New insights from a cohort study of Anterolateral Thigh Flap versus ALT-Vastus Lateralis Flaps

    9 days ago - By Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

    The benefits of muscle in open lower limb fractures remains to be determined. This study compared statistically equivalent groups of open tibial fractures treated by free anterolateral thigh flaps or ALT flaps incorporating muscle .Method and Results: Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, 2004-2008, 49 free flaps in open lower limb fractures were specifically reconstructed with free ALT or ALT-VL flaps.Risk factors for non-union: equivalent between the two groups, with no differences in smoking, steroids, diabetes, time to flap, and AO classification of soft tissue and bone injury.
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