• Masks Are a Ticking Time Bomb

    10 days ago - By Mercola

    The planet may be facing a new plastic crisis, similar to the one brought on by bottled water, but this time involving discarded face masks. “Mass masking” continues to be recommended by most public health groups during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite research showing masks do not significantly reduce the incidence of infection. 1
    As a result, it's estimated that 129 billion face masks are used worldwide each month, which works out to about 3 million masks a minute. Most of these are the disposable variety, made from plastic microfibers. 2
    Ranging in size from five millimeters to...
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  • Twin health disasters facing PNG with no mass vaccine rollout until May

    10 days ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    The vaccine rollout in Papua New Guinea will require overcoming huge logistical hurdles. But there's a second looming health crisis.
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