• Introducing Skin Care Products from The Skin Institute!

    2 years ago - By Savannah Plastic Surgery

    Our products include:
    Acne 420 Clear 420 Cleanser Clear 420 Moisturizer Clear 420 Treatment Gel Clear 420 Toner Pads
    The Goo
    HA Eye Serum
    Body Smooth Firming Lotion This light, oil-free body lotion contains 15% Glycolic Acid and antioxidants to gently exfoliate dry, rough skin, helping to achieve softer, smoother skin texture and tone.
    BenefitsGlycolic Acid 15% gently exfoliates dead skin and dull skin cells
    Liposome Encapsulated Vitamins A-C-E, Green Tea and Co-Q10 nourish the skin while providing antioxidant protection from free-radical damage
    Great for KP and dry skin patients
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