• Disease Activity, Treatment De-Escalation Tied to Postpartum IBD Flare Risk

    4 monthes ago - By Medscape

    Women with inflammatory bowel disease have a one-in-three chance of experiencing a disease flare during the postpartum year, new findings show.
    Reuters Health Information
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  • Biological clock is key to reducing heart damage from radiation therapy

    4 monthes ago - By ScienceDaily

    A new study suggests that the biological clock is involved in heart toxicity from radiation therapy and could be harnessed as part of a preventive strategy. Findings show that after receiving radiation to the heart, mice with disrupted biological clocks had significantly worse heart function than controls. They also demonstrated that Bmal1 - a protein that drives 24-hour rhythms in the expression of many genes - plays an important role in protecting the heart from radiation-related damage.
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  • Nearly all US women say their abortions were 'the right decision'

    Nearly all US women say their abortions were 'the right decision'

    4 monthes ago - By Daily Mail

    Some abortion bills require providers to warn women they may regret their decisions to abort. New UCSF research found that 5 years after their procedures, 95% of women felt they did right.
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  • New Study Shows Most Women Who Have An Abortion Feel Relief, Not Regret

    4 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    A new study suggests most women actually feel relief - not regret - after having an abortion
    In the ongoing social debate centered on abortion, one rebuttal that often comes up is regret. If you've been paying attention to the dialogue, you've undoubtedly heard an argument against abortion that involves women and non-binary people being plagued by their decision. And yes, studies have surfaced that support the presence of a range of emotions in the immediate moments after ending a pregnancy, spanning from sadness to respite and many in between.
    But as far as long-term feelings go, the...
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